This Kosher Chinese Restaurant Is Preparing ‘Holy Chow’ For Jewish Christmas

It’s some days earlier than Christmas and the telephones at Holy Chow, a Kosher Chinese carryout restaurant in Silver Spring, Maryland, are ringing nonstop.

“We’ve had people putting in orders a month earlier,” says co-owner Ami Schreiber, looking round proudly at his small, spotless save. The bespectacled father of 3, dressed in a Holy Chow-branded T-blouse, dad jeans, and a kippah (the small head masking worn by means of observant Jewish guys), scooches over as an worker brings out a bag of meals to a waiting customer.

“One order of vegetable dumplings, and a chook fried rice?” the worker asks. The consumer, also in a kippah, smiles and takes the bag.

Every yr at Christmas, Jews in the Washington location and around the usa take part in a time-venerated vacation subculture: consuming Chinese meals. The subculture has its roots in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, wherein Chinese and Eastern European Jewish immigrant communities congregated within the past due 19th century and early twentieth centuries. Kosher law prohibits the integration of meat and dairy, so Chinese restaurants presented more ideal options to Jews than, say, an Italian eating place or American hamburger joint.

But whilst the culture is as famous as ever, observant Washington-vicinity Jews don’t have many kosher Chinese alternatives. Pow Pow on H Street serves up rapid-casual Kosher Asian fare, and David Chu’s China Bistro in Baltimore offers a extra white tablecloth revel in. The as soon as-famous Royal Dragon eating place in Rockville closed some years ago.

But in case you’re seeking out a conventional carryout experience entire with red takeout boxes, packets of soy sauce, and fortune cookies, Holy Chow might be your handiest choice.

When Schreiber and his spouse Rivka opened the eatery in March 2018, that they had priorities: make brilliant food and hold their eating place to the highest standards of kosher law.

To accomplish their first goal, Ami requested for advice from Uri Herzog, one of the proprietors of Chopstix, a Chinese eating place in Teaneck, New Jersey, close to in which he grew up. Herzog become so enthusiastic about the restaurant’s commercial enterprise potentialities that he have become an equity companion. Schreiber additionally hired David Sun, a Chinese chef with 4 many years of restaurant experience. The rest of the kitchen body of workers is a mixture of Chinese and Latin American employees.

Next, the Schreibers had to get their kitchen clean enough to pass the muster of the rabbis. Organizations like the Rabbinical Council of Greater Washington send mashgichim, or on-website inspectors, to make certain a kosher establishment is following the rules.

According to Rabbi Jesse Paikin of the Sixth & I Synagogue in D.C., kosher regulation is complicated and as much as community interpretation.

“The regulations aren’t pretty much the food you eat, but how it’s organized and the levels to which you may prepare dinner positive foods in proximity to one another,” he described. “Really the query comes down to a rely of consider. Who do you trust to ensure the guidelines observe your understanding of Jewish regulation?”

From the way commercial enterprise is pouring in, it’s clear the Jewish network within the Washington location trusts the Schreibers. The restaurant is nestled in an unassuming strip mall in Kemp Hill, a place of Silver Spring with a strong Orthodox population. Its buddies consist of kosher meals companies like Shalom Kosher, Kosher Pastry Oven, and Ben Yehuda Cafe and Pizzeria. The couple estimates that approximately 90 percentage of their customers preserve kosher.

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